FreeBuds Studio comes in two colors

Over-ear headphones are an excellent choice for anyone who wants the best possible audio quality. Typically, they provide bigger audio drivers, better noise canceling, larger batteries, and many other features compared to standard in-ear headphones.

But as there are loads of over-ear headphones available on the market today, you might be struggling to choose a pair. To help you select one, we compare two of the best over-ear headphones currently available: the Huawei FreeBuds Studio and Apple AirPods Max. Read on to find out which best suits your needs and budget. 

FreeBuds Studio

FreeBuds Studio comes in two colors

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of over-ear headphones that don’t compromise on audio quality, you should definitely check out Huawei’s FreeBuds Studio. Costing just £229.99, the FreeBuds Studio offers an impressive range of audio technologies and features. 

These include a 40mm dynamic driver, high-resolution audio, active noise canceling, six microphones that provide call noise canceling, an advanced acoustic architecture, eight omnidirectional microphones for identifying and reducing ambient sounds, an awareness mode, dual antennas, a four-layer 40 mm polymer diaphragm for improved frequency and sensitivity, and a high-quality audio codec chip.

In terms of other features, the FreeBuds Studio provides pop-up pairing, dual device connection, a low-latency gaming mode, quick charging via a USB-C lead, up to 24 hours of battery life, touch controls, wearing detection, a carry case, and more. The FreeBuds Studio also comes in two color choices: black or gold. 

AirPods Max

AirPods Max in Space Grey

Apple really does make a design statement with the AirPods Max. It sports a premium stainless steel frame, a headband made out of knitted mesh, telescoping arms, anodized aluminum ear cups, and mesh textile and memory foam cushions that provide ultimate comfort for your ears.

The other striking thing you notice about the design of the AirPods Max is its digital crown, which looks very similar to the one you get on an Apple Watch. With this, you can turn the volume up and down, skip songs, control Siri, and accept an incoming phone call. It also comes in a range of different colors, including Silver, Space Grey, Green, Sky Blue, and Pink.

As well as offering a minimalistic and premium design, the AirPods Max also sports a range of advanced audio technologies. These include a 40mm dynamic driver designed by Apple, active noise canceling, a transparency mode, spatial audio, and adaptive EQ. Meanwhile, both ear cups are equipped with Apple’s powerful H1 microchip. What’s more, the AirPods Max features nine microphones in total. 

Battery life is another area where the AirPods Max excels, offering 20 hours of music playback, movie streaming, and phone calling when active noise canceling and spatial audio are activated. But what’s worth noting is that you also get a smart case, which will save battery life when the headphones are stored in it and not being used. If you like the look of the AirPods Max, you can currently purchase it for $549/£549. 

FreeBuds Studio vs AirPods Max: Which should you buy?

Now that you know more about the FreeBuds Studio and AirPods Max, you’re probably wondering which pair you should purchase. But the answer will depend on your user needs and budget. 

If you don’t want to spend a large amount of money on a pair of over-ear headphones but still want a decent audio experience, we’d recommend the FreeBuds Studio. It provides an impressive range of audio technologies and features at such a cheap price point.

However, should you be willing to splash more money on a premium model or are simply an Apple fan, you’ll no doubt love the AirPods Max. It offers a stunning design, advanced audio technologies, long battery life, and many other great features. 


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  • Freebuds Studio.