The Watch GT 2 Pro offers heart rate monitoring

Over the past few years, smartwatches have advanced rapidly and provide a range of advanced features today. Many of the latest models offer heart rate monitoring as standard, but how do they measure this?

It’s pretty simple. At the back of most smartwatches, you’ll find a range of LED lights. These are used for measuring the heart rate of users in a process called photoplethysmography. PPG works by beaming light onto the blood vessels in your wrist. 

Typically, smartwatches use green LEDs to illuminate blood vessels because this color can easily be absorbed by the red blood in your veins. By using the PPG technique, smartwatches can measure blood flow and heartbeats effectively.

Which Huawei watches provide heart rate measuring?

Now that you have a better understanding of how smartwatches measure heart rate, you might be wondering which Huawei smartwatches offer heart rate monitoring and how they do this. 

Huawei’s flagship smartwatch, the Watch GT 2 Pro, is capable of monitoring heart rate and oxygen saturation. On its website, Huawei gives an insight into how the Watch GT 2 Pro is able to measure the heart rate and oxygen saturation of users. “The sapphire glass on the back integrated with the polished ceramic cover for a comfortable wearing,” explains Huawei. 

“The upgraded LEDs and four photodiodes collaborate with intelligent AI algorithms, effectively lowering the power consumption while accurately measuring SpO2 or heart rate, which provides you longer protection with one charge.

Besides the Watch GT 2 Pro, do any other Huawei smartwatches and fitness trackers provide heart rate monitoring? The answer to that question is yes. The Watch Fit, the Porshe Design Watch GT 2, the Watch GT 2, the Watch GT 2e, the Watch GT, the TalkBand B6, the Band 4 Pro, and the Band 4 all provide heart rate tracking. 

Which Huawei smartwatch should you choose?

Given that so many Huawei smartwatches and fitness trackers come with heart rate monitoring, you might be questioning which one to choose. 

If you’re looking for a high-end smartwatch, we’d definitely recommend the Watch GT 2 Pro. As well as providing heart rate monitoring, it also sports features such as 2-week battery life, more than 100 workout modes, a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, wireless charging, sleep monitoring, oxygen saturation detection, Bluetooth calling, and many more. You can purchase it for £199.99 via the Huawei Store.

But should you want a cheaper option, the Watch Fit is worth considering. It offers a 1.64-inch AMOLED display, oxygen saturation detection, a 10-day battery life, 96 fitness modes, always-on watch faces, call and message notifications, a stainless steel design, and many other features. Plus, you can buy it for just £89.99 on the Huawei Store.

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