HUAWEI AI Life allows you to manage all of your smart devices from one easy-to-use app. You can control when your devices turn on and off, adjust the settings, or access the smart features with just a few clicks. Enjoy easy connections to your Huawei speakers, audio accessories, and Wi-Fi routers.

Key Features:

  • Network state view: check operator name, roaming state, signal intensity;
  • Equipment management: the management of network equipment can support a key, kicking, Internet priority setting;
  • One button physical examination: help to correct the routers to the best state;
  • Wi-Fi model: sleep mode, standard mode with heart regulation;
  • Parent control: setting up a child’s terminal to use the Internet to ensure the child’s healthy Internet access.
  • Guest Wi-Fi: easy to open the guest Wi-Fi, to provide exclusive Wi-Fi connection for the guests, to ensure the security of the family network;
  • Advanced Settings: integrated Internet wizard, modification of SSID and password, access point name (APN) modification, network operator selection, device shutdown and restart, and many other practical functions.

Manage Your Music on the Go

Choose the best noise cancellation mode, find the best earbud tips for you, track your location, and many other exclusive features.

Better Control over your Home Audio

It should not be difficult to customize your own audio experience in your own home. HUAWEI AI Life allows you to control the volume and sound effects as well as receive automatic firmware updates. Include your smart speakers in your AI Life setup to have easier control over audio throughout your entire home.

Regarding the security and use of your personal data, we strictly abide by applicable data protection laws at all times. – HUAWEI

Maximize Signal Strength from your Home Network

It’s easier than ever to manage your home network. HUAWEI AI Life allows you to select Wi-Fi mode, detect signal strength and allow guest connections. You can also manage your time online, set up data plans, and more. So you can set time limits for specific devices, or schedule time for permitted internet use for your family.

HUAWEI AI Life is a great way to get control over all of your smart devices, in a simple and effective way. Download the app here and get started with your new smart life setup.

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