During Huawei’s 2021 European Innovation Day, an announcement was made that provided details on HUAWEI’s Seeds for the Future 2.0 program. The company plans to invest € 35 million to support European experts in ICT and developing a digital Europe in the next five years. Part of this program includes the launch of a new ICT talent development program, the Seeds for the Future Scholarship, to support ICT upskilling of students in Europe.

With programs like Seeds for the Future, HUAWEI has been making progress in improving the ICT skills of students across partnered European colleges. Under the Seeds for the Future Scholarship program, Huawei will invest 2.5 million euros over the next year to support the education of talented students in Europe, improve their ICT skills, and elevate the development of their careers. Huawei also plans on continuing its cooperation with top universities in Europe to enhance the capabilities and potential of the next generation of European innovators.

“In the digital economy, digital talent will be the key to digital transformation and economic growth. Digital skills and literacy are not just essential to the development of the digital economy, but also basic human rights in the new era, as defined by the United Nations. Huawei will keep working with governments and academic institutions, to train talent for society and industries and take theoretical research to practice.”

-HUAWEI Senior Vice President

“A digital Europe should have a skilled workforce. Collaboration between businesses and universities is a good way to achieve this. Working together helps drive science forward, and it also supports industry development. Over the past 10 years, Huawei has trained more than 30,000 ICT professionals in Europe through our programs like Seeds for the Future. We will continue investment in these programs in the future to help Europe develop even more ICT professionals.”

-Phillip Gan, President of Huawei’s CEE & Nordic Region

The Seeds for the Future 2.0 program was initially launched on July of 2021, at the Tech & Sustainability – Everyone’s Included forum. Using this program as a primary investment opportunity, Huawei will put US$150 million over the next five years to improve the digital skills of university students and young entrepreneurs.

Read more about the Seeds for the Future 2.0 program here.

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