It seems that just about every smartphone manufacturer is coming out with their own version of a foldable phone, as they begin to take off in popularity. HUAWEI has released foldable devices in the past, like the HUAWEI Mate Xs. Now the company is going to release a clamshell-style foldable. This new device will be able to take on the Samsung Galaxy Flip, which has been one of the more popular foldable phones to date.

So HUAWEI now has the opportunity to be the next in line to offer one of these unique form factors. Some leaks have given us a glimpse of what they have in store, as well as a few rumors about what the specs could look like. Here’s everything we are expecting to see in the upcoming HUAWEI clamshell phone.

Rumored Details:

The device is going to be called the Huawei Mate V, making it an official part of the flagship Mate lineup. It will be powered by HUAWEI’s own Kirin 9000 chipset but limited to 4G LTE network compatibility. The European version of the phone will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. The exact dimensions of the device are unknown, but we expect it to have a screen size of about 6.7 inches, which is the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

There are conflicting leaks showing the design of this phone, so the final build is currently unknown. This image from Weibo shows us what could be the actual design of the Mate V.

Image Source: Weibo

This image shows the interesting design on the back of the phone. Two large circles are shown, one housing the main camera sensors, and the other being a secondary display. This display will be used to check notifications, time, and other information without having to open your phone. You can see in the image above that it is being used as an analog clock.

There’s no information about what colors will be available, but we know that there will be several color options targeted towards young users. The price is expected to be around 12,999 RMB, which is just over $2,000.

The exact launch date of the HUAWEI Mate V is unknown, but it is said that it will launch before the end of 2021.


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