Freebuds Studio in black and gold.

For anyone who wants to listen to music, watch videos, play games, and video call people with crisp and clear sound, you’ll need a decent pair of headphones.

However, given that the marketplace for headphones is very crowded nowadays, you might be having a hard time finding a make and model that ticks all the right boxes.

If you’ve done some research into the latest headphones, you will have probably seen that Chinese tech giant Huawei offers a large range of high-tech and cost-friendly headphones.

One of its latest pair of premium noise-canceling headphones is the FreeBuds Studio, which is aimed at those looking for the best possible sound experience at a decent price tag. But are these headphones worthy of your attention? Read on to find out.

High-tech noise cancellation 

When it comes to choosing a new pair of headphones, noise cancellation is one of the key features to consider. Packed with a range of high-tech chipsets and sensors, the FreeBuds Studio offers a high-performance noise cancellation system. 

This system comprises eight omnidirectional microphones, with four on either side of the headphones. These pick up ambient sounds to provide effective noise cancellation and improve the overall sound experience. 

It also utilizes an acoustic architecture called Tee Audio Tube, which Huawei says “links inner ear space with the front and back sound cavity to filter out the medium and high frequency noise”.

Noise cancellation modes

Along with advanced noise cancellation technology, the headphones also sport a smart multi-scene perception system that analyzes the surrounding sound environment and chooses the best noise cancellation mode based on this information.

The five main modes are:

  1. Ultra Mode reduces loud noise on planes and trains. 
  2. General Mode identifies and improves sound in everyday scenes like cafes and restaurants. 
  3. Cozy Mode targets noises in quiet places like art galleries and libraries. For example, it can reduce the sounds made by air conditioning units and computers. 
  4. Awareness Mode will allow you to listen to ambient sound if you click the ANC button, which you can find on the left side of the headphones.
  5. Voice Mode makes human voices clearer and reduces other sounds around you. 

6-mic call noise cancellation 

Another excellent feature offered by the FreeBuds Studio is its calling noise cancellation system. It’s made up of four outward-facing mics that identify background human voices and two inward-facing mics that listen to voice in-ear. According to Huawei, these mics “work as a sophisticated system to ensure crystal clear calling”. 

High-resolution audio

What’s also great about the FreeBuds Studio is its audio performance. It sports an advanced Hi-Fi audio chip and pro-grade acoustic components that provide an ultra-wide frequency response ranging from 4Hz to 48kHz. Huawei says this enables “high resolution music with intricate details”.

Audio transfer tech 

The FreeBuds Studio also sports the high-resolution codec-L2HC technology, which provides impressive audio transfer speeds of 960kbps. This can also decrease audio quality loss and ensure music sounds as it should. 

Other functions

In terms of other features, the FreeBuds Studio sports a dual-antenna design that increases signal coverage, touch controls, dual device connection, quick charging, 24 hours of music playback when noise cancellation is deactivated, 8 hours of music playback if noise cancellation is turned on, a stylish design, and more. 

If you like the look of the FreeBuds Studio and want a pair for yourself, you can currently buy it in gold or black for £229.99 (or three installments of £76.66) from the official Huawei website. You’ll also get a free Huawei Watch Fit with your purchase. 


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