SD Card

When your phone starts running low on space, there are different ways that you can free up storage on your internal drive. Before you start deleting things or moving files around, it’s best to check to see what type of data is using up all of your storage.

To see a report of your storage usage on your HUAWEI phone, go to settings > storage. This menu will show you a color-coded visual of how your storage is being used. If you see that your apps are taking up a significant portion of your internal storage, you might want to consider moving these apps to an SD card. To do this, you will need an SD card, and a phone that has an SD card slot.

How to Move Apps to SD Card on HUAWEI Android Phones

Step 1.

Get an SD card that is large enough to hold the data being used by your apps. Insert this card into your HUAWEI device.

Step 2.

Go to Settings > Apps > Permissions > Storage. This is where all the apps that have access to your storage will be listed.

Step 3.

Select a specific app that might be taking up a lot of storage. These are usually large games or productivity apps. Once you’ve selected the app, you should see an option to move it to the SD card.

This method will work on any HUAWEI phone, whether it is running EMUI, MagicOS, or any other version of Android.

Not all apps can be moved to the SD card. System apps will have to stay on your internal storage, as well as most preloaded apps. If you remove your SD card, the apps you have moved will usually display some type of error, so make sure the SD card stays in your phone when possible.

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